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Care Management

Care Management

The Alliance subcontracts with NY Presbyterian and Mt. Sinai Medical Center to provide Care Coordination services to clients seen at those medical clinics. The Alliance’s Care Coordination provides case management and treatment adherence support, helping people stick with treatment plans, manage side effects, communicate with doctors, and learn more about treatment options.

Using a client-centered approach to care management, The Alliance care managers and clients work together to identify and address health and social issues that impact the client's ability to access resources and services needed to improve and maintain their quality of life. Based on the individual needs of each client or family, case managers work with the client to develop interventions that help empower the client and promote the highest level of independent functioning possible for the client and family.

The Alliance provides complete Care Management, connecting people to medical care, housing, substance abuse services, public benefits, legal assistance, and other services. We help clients stay connected by escorting them to appointments, visiting if they’re too ill to travel, and acting as their advocate.

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