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Harm Reduction and Substance Use Counseling

Needle Exchange

The Alliance also offers new syringes and needles to anyone age 18 or older. No prescription is needed. Using new needles and syringes can help prevent HIV, hepatitis, and other health problems. The Alliance is registered with the NYS Health Department.


Outpatient Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment

The Alliance’s CASA Washington Heights offers evidence based clinical interventions and recovery support to assist clients in making healthy life choices.

Treatment is provided by credentialed substance abuse specialists who meet the client at his/her level of need and develop an individualized, client-centered recovery plan to lower their risk for HIV/ Hep C infection and protect their partners.

Treatment is enhanced by peer recovery support that fosters self-determination and the building of support in the individual’s community of choice.

Group and Individual Sessions Include:

·         Relapse Prevention

·         Psycho-Education

·         “Stages of Change” Approach

·         Motivational Interviewing

·         Family Counseling

·         Gender – specific Groups

·         Specialized service for marijuana user

·         Counseling for clients involved in the Criminal Justice System


CASA Washington Heights is licensed by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services to provide medically supervised outpatient drug and alcohol treatment services.


CASA Washington Heights
West 161st Street between Amsterdam and Broadway
(2036 Amsterdam Avenue)


For more information on the program or to enroll, contact (212) 645-0875.

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